Web Design Is Crucial

Hello All

Alison sent me an e-mail asking about web design.  As you may know I do quite a bit of web design although I must admit my skills have not kept pace with the latest technology.  So even though I did do our corporate web site Ohnward.com when it came time to give the banks a new look we went to a real professional web company.

We contacted Trevor Hendrickson from The WebCentric company.  Yes they are an Iowa based company but very capable of producing web sites for anyone, anywhere and they have a pretty good level of experience with banks.

e-mail is thendrickson@thewebcentric.com and phone number is 319-404-3175

If you want to see their work, go to our corporate web site (I’m pretty proud of it) and then click on the individual banks to see what Trevor and his group can do.  Be well all.


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One Response to Web Design Is Crucial

  1. sharonb12 says:

    Hi everyone. I was wondering if anyone from the August 2010 HR school have received the graduation picture? I have not.
    Sharon Barton
    McClain Bank
    Purcell, OK

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