Welcome Fellow HR Professionals

Good Day All

It has been an interesting time for me since returning from the wonderful week in Madison.  The loss of our CFO (part of ownership), the remaining founder still in the hospital, and then an armed robbery at one of our branches.  It has been a busy and unsettling time for me to be sure.

I remember Dr. Sussman’s presentation on the last day and he was talking about the 4 pounds of stuff that we were going to take home with us and what were we going to do with it.  I’ve noticed from recent e-mails that some of you are really digging in and doing some interesting things.

All I’ve been able to do so far is to react to what is going on.  Monday I am focused on being proactive for a change.  I did tell the CEO (a PhD in economics) that I wanted to sit down with him this coming week and do an analysis of our main bank. 🙂

Well this is the first post to the blog.  I hope you all enjoy it and find it a useful tool as you pursue your passion and your chosen vocation.


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2 Responses to Welcome Fellow HR Professionals

  1. Nancy McCay says:

    Upde, thanks so much for giving your time and talent to creat this blog site for us. It will be an invaluable tool, and I look forward to networking with everyone from our class.

  2. Christy Sutton says:

    Hi Upde, Thank you for doing such a great job! I wish you and your bank better days ahead. I do feel that I’m running reactive instead of proactive since my return. After your post, I realize that what has come my way has been trivial to such a loss and scare for your employees/customers.

    Thank you for volunteering your time to help us all!

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